Membership Information

The Tri Delta bonds are meant to last a lifetime. Alumnae membership is an opportunity to re-connect with the Fraternity, network with members across the country and nourish new or existing friendships that will last a lifetime. 

For additional information about becoming an Arlington Alumnae member, please fill out the interest form below. 

As alumnae members we are all at different stages of life. Some members would like to stay connected, but lack the time committement, others want to give back, but don't care to be involved. And we even have a few members who love to do it all. That's why the Arlington Alumnae chapter has made it reasonable for you to join, regardless of your lifestyle. Below are the FIVE membership options:

  1. Active Chapter Membership 
  2. Life Loyal Membership
  3. Recent Circle Degree Initiate
  4. Senior Pansy Membership
  5. Member-at-Large